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Monday, 27 July 2009

A Product I Can Recommend

As many of you know I am an opinionated, individual. Not one for sitting on the fence, if I like something I'm only too happy to share my delight and if I come across a real bummer I squeal like a good'n.
Well have I got a dose of delight for you. Last week in Sharm, and I apologise for the missing week of blogging, I tried the new Cressi Travel Light BCD. At 5.5lbs it certainly lacks weight, but with integrated weights, big pockets, metal D rings, trim pouches and three dump points it definitely packs punch. All from a BC that will fold up to the size of your old school plimsoll bag!
So clearly it must have faults - the weight pouches fall out - No. Lacking in lift - No. Feeble construction - No. Sorry I dived it the whole week, 16 times in all, and couldn't fault it. I wholly and unreservedly say - Well done Cressi, 10 out of 10, one of the best diving products I've ever bought!


  1. Glad to hear that someone else likes the Travel Light... had mine since April (my first BCD!) & it does exactly as it says on the tin!
    Mine has been to Malta & Leybourne so far, brilliant for air travel... Also check out the Cressi Moby Light bag... 85 ltr and only 2.9kg... If you get any stock, I will buy one from you rather than from the Interweb!

  2. Oh no!... needed to get hold of one for a trip, went to Stoney Cove last week & bought one in the shop there!... Would have rather bought it from you guys though!... Great bag so I am sure you will sell loads of them!