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Monday, 27 July 2009

Hammerhead Heaven

For those of you lucky enough to be off to Sharm soon, good news. Get to the back of Jackson Reef and the Hammerhead Sharks are there a plenty. 16 sightings on one dive alone. Wonderful creatures, such grace. The best advice if you want to see them. Keep the group tight - like a bait ball - stay around 14 metres and when the first few appear do not, in any circumstances swim towards them. Once the sentinels have come for a look if you don't spook them they will disappear to return with the rest of the group for a look. Then if you keep the tight grouping they will stay for a really good look at you!

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  1. it's all true!!! my first shark and hammerheads sighting during that dive at the back of Jackson's! we also had an oceanic white tip around us for a while! fabulous! and it's absolutely true, the bait ball group forming is the only way to keep the hammerheads around you. On another dive, the group did not stay tight as a bait ball and... the sentinels did not return with the group!
    enjoy Sharm if you are on your way! x