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Leybourne Lake Dive Centre is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre near Maidstone in Kent with the ability to offer IANTD, DSAT, TDI, Rebreather and the full range of PADI courses to fulfill your needs. We also have an on-site and Online shop to cater for your additional equipment needs, and a fully functional gas blending station offering air and nitrox gas fills. Trimix can be blended by prior arrangement.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Nobody Does it Better - That's Official

Isn't honesty the best thing? Isn't an honest person or business what we look for? Well let me be honest right now! I Martin Morgans am NOT a Platinum Course Director, nor am I a Gold one. There were just not enough Instructor students last year for me to achieve that. But for 2009 according to PADI I am a Silver Course Director, along with about 100 others around the world. And I'm proud of that. That makes me unsurpassed this year by any other Course Director I know of in Kent. And that's the bit that annoys me, why say you're a platinum Course Director when you know you are not. Trouble is when that happens it makes me ask the question - if that's wrong, hyped or inaccurate, just how many other claims are worthy of closer inspection. So beware the claims of some individuals with their virtual shops or virtual qualifications. They might give virtual service with virtual value and that will hurt in reality.

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